This Documentary Chronicles the Life of Oscar Acosta, the Real-Life Dr. Gonzo from ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’

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2. He Wrote a Letter of Resignation to Jesus

Oscar Zeta Acosta (far right) with friends, circa 1960s. Courtesy of The California Ethnic and Multicultural Archives (CEMA), UC Santa Barbara Library/PBS

He may have been successful at converting others but eventually Acosta came to believe that there was nothing in the Bible that should encourage him or anyone to believe in God. And so, he cut ties with the Church, even writing a letter of resignation to Jesus.

“I took no case unless it was a Chicano case”

Socorro Acosta (Oscar’s wife) and Oscar Zeta Acosta. Courtesy of Courtesy of City Projects, LLC/PBS

As a lawyer, Acosta proved to be a boon to the Chicano movement. Though, as he pointed out throughout his life, he always felt like he was seen with wary eyes by those he was helping. There was still stigma associated with having gone the academic route; the assumption being that he was much too educated to really ‘get’ the cause he was nonetheless fighting. Of course, the fact that he took only Chicano cases made him plenty of enemies in the courtroom who accused him of racial bias.

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