Mahamudra The Ultimate Buddhist Meditation

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Mahamudra is the ultimate Buddhist meditation which started in India and flourished in Tibet which teaches to rest naturally in the essence of your own mind. Mahamudra is the highest form of meditation in Tibet, it’s an advanced meditation practice from the Tibetan Buddhist School of Kagyu. It came into Tibet via the Mahasidhi tradition from India which focussed on meditation and self-realisation. Which means it emphasised actual personal experience in meditation rather than scholarly or intellectual understanding of the process. In Tibet the Kagyu tradition where Mahamudra meditation is embedded is often called the practice lineage.

Maha-mudra is usually translated as Great-Seal but that’s boring and doesn’t say much. My translation is the Ultimate-Meditation which is closer to the truth in my opinion. Some master claim that mahamudra contains within it all the other meditations and is the most complete and powerful meditation there is.

Mahamudra changed my life. Not in the way that the hyperbole click bait titles of everything on Facebook claim that “this …… will change your life forever”, it actually did change my life.

I was a Tibetan Buddhist monk living in a Buddhist centre on the Sunshine Coast Australia diligently practising my meditation and ritualistic routines every morning and night and studying with my Guru the rest of the day, until one day while on Library duty I was looking through a box of old books that had been hidden away. I was told they were from another tradition and too advanced for most people. But the forbidden fruit was too enticing for me and when I was alone in the library I began to eagerly read them, and even smuggled one back to my retreat cabin to read the contraband material.

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