8 Comedies Everyone Loved (That Have Aged Horribly)

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4. “Wedding Crashers” Heroizes The Everyday Douche That Needs To Go Away Forever

Wedding Crashers is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list 15 Comedies Everyone Loved (That Have Aged Horribly)

What does Wedding Crashers teach its audience aside from the lesson that you can be as disgusting of sexist pig as you want as long as you show vague contrition after an hour and a half? Oh that’s right: not much else.

Throughout the film, Vince Vaughn personifies the very worst of alpha male behavior. He’s sexually aggressive with people that he works with (his character is ironically a divorce mediator, no less), he lies to women to sleep with them, and as soon as he meets a woman who wants to continue their relationship he tries to run away. His characterization of a “man” may have passed for fun in the early 2000s, but in a modern context he just looks like your everyday douche.

5. “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” Is A Homophobic Rant That Uses Mental Illness As A Play For Laughs

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is listed (or ranked) 5 on the list 15 Comedies Everyone Loved (That Have Aged Horribly)

Even at the time of its release, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective was a terribly offensive film. First, there’s Snowflake, the pet dolphin kept in a tiny tank that’s clearly animal cruelty. Then, a lengthy section of the film features Ventura prancing around a mental institution dressed in a pink tutu and acting out some kind of faux mental illness. He smashes his head into a park bench and crosses his eyes while speaking in a manner even more affected than normal. If you’ve ever known anyone with a mental illness, or suffer from a mental illness yourself, it’s impossible to watch this scene without feeling like the butt of the joke.

Somehow, that’s not even the only offensive part of the film. The movie climaxes with Ventura exposing the over-libidinous Lt. Einhorn as a male to female transperson. He first strips her down to her underwear, and then shows everyone in the scene that she has tucked the penis she never wanted between her legs. Everyone begins to vomit in the throws of gay panic. When Ventura flashes back to Einhorn’s original life as a man he vomits, brushes his teeth, and uses a plunger on his face to wipe off the perceived stench of the other. It’s hard to watch this collection of scenes without getting sick.

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