5 Awful (But Revealing) Examples Of Conservative Comedy

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3. Ben Garrison

Conservatives don’t really have a clear philosophy or code of ethics other than “winning.” You might have your own ideas on how that’s inadequate, but let’s focus on how it’s bad for comedy. Let’s create a political joke together. To start, we need something objectively insane that one side does. How about, I don’t know, how Republicans want to win so hard that they will passionately vote for child predators. Roy Moore won’t mean anything to future generations, but he liked dating underage girls, didn’t seem too concerned about who knew it, and for a few days in 2017, it looked like he was going to be a Republican senator.

So now we have a target and we can decide on an angle. It might be funny to try to figure out why Republicans would choose Roy Moore as their leader. Maybe conservatives vote for child predators because it’s the only way their sons will ever get laid? No, it’s a bit dark, and we’d have to first establish how religious contrarians who hate women and sexuality as a policy aren’t good at seduction. It’s clunky. Let’s try some wit instead of insults. How about “When you’re a sex criminal and a campaigning senator, do you go door-to-door twice, or do you inform your neighbors of both during the same trip?” We’re getting there, but we may be forgetting to account for the pushback from political opponents who will argue “Not ALL of us want to be led by child predators!” And it’s true. Roy Moore, leering panty sniffer, wasn’t representative of all Republicans. He was merely fully endorsed by the their National Committee and their leader, the actual president of the United States. You know what? Let’s take a peek at how conservative cartoonist Ben Garrison handled a Roy Moore joke.

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