12 Best Comedy Movies

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8. I Don’t Feel at Home in This World Anymore

I know right. This movie perhaps has the longest title in cinematic history. And a quirky one at that too. Prima facie, its intentions will go undetected. Starting out intense with a freshly burgled woman, the movie sets itself out to entertain and thrill with quick doses of brilliantly crafted scenes. An erratic neighbor turns into a guardian angel, as the two embark on a journey to apprehend the perpetrators. Soon, they know better not to. Incredibly nuanced and refined, the movie transcends its unwieldy title to offer timely, intoxicatingly dark observations on gender dynamics and social norms in modern America.

7. Get Out

The dark satire-cum-social commentary on racism and gender discrimination is effusively orgasmic. This is perhaps the fifth or sixth time it has bequeathed upon me the difficult task to describe it in a hundred words. What starts off as a mysterious apprehension, quickly turns into a happy and charismatic couple story, which soon turns into something macabre. If you are waiting for it to turn again, keep waiting; it’s not coming back. Kaaluya delivers a horrifyingly satiating turn as the victim of an insipid cult, but it Jordan Peele who steals the show with an intelligent and thought-provoking piece of work that is sure to be remembered for years to come.

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