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5. Our teeth are made for grinding plants

Anatomically, we are not designed to eat animals, as our canines are a poor example of the ripping teeth needed to slice meat. Instead, we have what the film refers to as a “mortar and pestle” set of teeth, more designed for making (vegan) pesto than chewing raw meat.

6. Patrik Baboumian is a superman

There is a moment in the movie when Baboumian—who held Germany’s strongest man title in 2011 and currently holds multiple world records in weightlifting—lifts a car and tosses it on its side as if it’s a special effect. His inspiration for being a strongman comes from a tragic car accident involving his mother, father, and sister in which only his mother survived. Baboumian vowed to do whatever it takes to be a hero to all living beings since then. “When I stopped eating meat [in 2005],” Baboumian says, “I got stronger and bigger.”

7. Plant protein is super powerful

According to sport nutritionist James Loomis, MD, consuming carbohydrates is a powerful source of energy (in the form of glycogens). “I think one of the most common misconceptions in sports nutrition,” Loomis says, “is that we have to have animal protein, in particular meat, to get big and strong and perform at a high level. That’s just clearly not true.” As it turns out, all of the protein that people consume when eating animals comes from the protein the animals consume from their plant-based diets, which makes animals the unnecessary middle-men. The average vegan gets 70 percent more protein than they need from plants alone.

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