10 Funniest Comedies of All Time

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5. ANNIE HALL (1977)


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This film revolutionized the love story with an added rule to the boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy get girl back with boy loses girl forever, making it real, bittersweet, and very very funny. It is smartly written, directed and best of all acted by Diane Keaton who won an Oscar and Allen himself who won Best Director and was nominated for Best Actor. By making it real we could connect with the characters…and he has been doing it ever since.



One might not believe the end of the world might not be funny but in the hands of Stanley Kubrick it is a vicious black comedy about a lunatic soldier who hops in a plane and heads to Russia to drop the bomb…the atomic bomb, and of course they will do the same. The characters are broadly drawn, the actors in perfect synch with what Kubrick is doing. Peter Sellers is remarkable in several roles and George C. Scott is hysterical. Blackly funny right through to the very end…the end of the world.

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