10 Funniest Comedies of All Time

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3. CITY LIGHTS (1931)

City Lights

Chaplins masterpiece is among the greatest films of all time, with a closing shot that still moves audiences to tears all those years gone by. Refusing to make a talkie even after the sound had come to film, he stuck with silents because he believed his comedy worked best as that. As the little tramp who helps a blind girl get back her sight because he loves her, he is superb, but that ending when she discovers who he is is heartbreaking, joyous and breathtaking. That Chaplin smile.



Mel Brooks made the parody great in the seventies, first with Blazing Saddles (1973) which spoofed the western and then Young Frankenstein (1974) which tackled the old Universal horror films, shooting this on the same set as Bride of Frankenstein (1935). Gene Wilder is wonderful as the crazy doctor trying to clear his name, while Peter Boyle is perfect as the monster. Their song and dance must be seen to be believed.

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